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Tiếp theo kỳ 1 của loạt bài campus life ( xem tại đây),  sau đây Oz Du học xin giới thiệu tiếp một loạt các event “nóng hổi” tại các trường đại học lớn tại bang NSW vừa được cập nhật. Bạn đã sẵn sàng cho một tuần bận rộn cùng các buổi workshop, seminar… chưa nào ? 

Events và career workshop tại các trường từ ngày 05 – 11/10/2015:

*Lưu ý: Chúng tôi chỉ tập hợp tên của events và career workshop của các trường. Nếu muốn biết thêm ngày và giờ cụ thể các bạn có thể copy tên event và search trên web trường của các bạn 

1) University of Newcastle: 

  • Events:

07/10: Public Seminar – Physical Activity and Nutrition

08/10: Garage Sale Trail

2) University of New South Wales ( UNSW )

  •  Events:

06/10/2015: Australia Ensemble @UNSW: Free Lunchtime Concert


06/10/2015: Design Led Tuesdays: creating unique services + experiences

06/10/2015: Modern Languages classes at UNSW Institute of Languages

06-08/10/2015: Stress Less Week

07/10/2015: So, what? Public Lecture – Professor Miguel Vatter

07/10/2015: Mireille Juchau in conversation with Stephanie Bishop

07/10/2015: Warrane Lecture – The Building Blocks of Western Civilisation: Reflections on Marriage and the Family


08/10/2015: Australia Ensemble @UNSW Free Workshop: Composer Rob Davidson

08/10/2015: Free Public Lecture – Dr Andrew Ross

  • UNSW Career:

06/10/2015: Seminar: Writing a Successful Resume and Cover Letter

07/10/2015: Seminar: Ace the Interview! Effective Interview Preparation

08/10/2015: Seminar: Group Assessment Centres and Psychometric Testing

3) University of Sydney 

  •  Events

06/10/2015: Qualitative and quantitative research methods: questionnaire construction and analysis – part 3

06/10/2015: Sydney Con Centenary Festival – SCM Chamber Orchestra

07/10/2015: Preventive health – nationally and globally – where to from here?

07/10/2015: Sydney Ideas – From Melancholy to Depression

07/10/2015: Sydney Con Centenary Festival – SCM Wind Symphony

07/10/2015: Opening Night Party: Enchanted Forrest

08/10/2015: Mapping the Drowned World

08/10/2015: Eastminsters – Decolonisation and State Building in British Asia

08/10/2015: Portfolio Day

08/10/2015: The research higher degree and beyond: conducting good peer reviews

08/10/2015: Inflation and the Making of Macroeconomic Policy in Australia (Book launch)

08/10/2015: Sydney Nursing School Postgraduate Information Evening

08/10/2015: Sydney Con Centenary Festival – SCM Modern Music Ensemble

08/10/2015: Resurrection Science

09/10/2015: Sydney Con Centenary Festival – SCM Early Music Ensemble

10/10/2015: Master Class: Diseases of the Ageing Brain

11/10/2015: Sydney Con Centenary Festival – SCM Chamber Choir

11/10/2015: Sydney Con Centenary Festival – Alumni Jazz Orchestra

  •  Career workshops:

06/10/2015: Resume Writing

07/10/2015: Resume Rescue for International Students

08/10/2015: International Students: Job Search Skills

09/10/2015: International Students: Interview Skills

09/10/2015: Resume Rescue for PhD and Masters (Research only) Students

4) University of Technology Sydney 

  •  Events

07/10/2010: Rednesday

07/10/2015: Symposium: Gender, Education and Women’s Empowerment

09/10/2010: Geek Trivia

  • Career workshops:

06/10/2015: LinkedIn Lab, presented by UTS Careers

07/10/2015: Allens 2016/17 Clerkship Info Evening

09/10/2015: Aussie Rules For International Students

5) University of Wollongong

  • Events

06/10/2015: FREE Good Life Series Workshop: Just Do it: Beat Procrastination

09/10/2015: Discover the Gong Market Tour

  • Career workshops:

06/10/2015: Resume Writing 101

07/10/2015: An Insider Guide to Assessment Centres

07/10/2015: Deals at PWC Showcase Evening

08/10/2015: From Interview to Offer – Learn the Secrets of Successful Interviewing

09/10/2015: Getting Career Related to Work Over Summer

6) Macquarie University

  • Events:

07/10/2015: Royal Society of New South Wales Open Lecture Series – The Revolution in Radio Astronomy

07/10/2015: MGSM Information Sessions for MBA

08/10/2015: Macquarie University North Habour Rays vs. Queensland Country

08/10/2015: Ugly Sweaters Party

09/10/2015: MACDIZ Royal Ball

09/10/2015: Postgraduate Business Psychology Online Chat

  • Career workshops:

06/10/2015: College of Law Employer Presentation

09/10/2015: First Steps – ASES MQ Speaker Series II


7) Oz Du Học

  • Events:

15-16/10: Ozduhoc Dota 2 tournament season 2

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/439726162880265/

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